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Timeline of The Malthouse building since 1669




Ownership was taken over by the Mackeson family


Owned by Henry Mackeson, Brewer, High Street, Hythe


Hythe Brewery was founded in 1669 . The Malthouse antique centre that stands today, formed part of the brewery. 


 The building is much the same as it was then, although part of the building has since been demolished.  It holds a lot of character with massive beams and old stone walls. When the brewery began, the slated floors would be spread with damp barley, which germinated to form malt. This was dried in a kiln then brewed with hops to make beer.   


James Pashley,  the founder and builder of the brewery, was a local resident. When Pashley died the brewery was taken over by the family named Friend.





Pale and family who were ale brewers, maltsters, & wine and spirit merchants joined Mackeson & Co  to become part of  the Hythe Brewery



The production of Mackeson's  Milk Stout began.  Each pint was said to contain as much energising carbohydrate

as 10 oz of dairy milk. This stout was to become their most famous product



Mackeson become part of the Whitbread Brewery



The kiln was demolished and the malthouse was used as a bonded warehouse for the storage of whisky and other strong alcohol



Production ended at Hythe Brewery - most of which is no longer standing.




Local people had become aware of the antiques centre plans and reserved stalls in advance.

On the 28th June 1974 the antiques market opened its doors to the public.


Robert and Claudia Maxtone- Graham  bought the malthouse building with plans to convert it into an antiques market.. The piece of land in front of the building was originally to be used for road widening, but the local council's plans changed enabling the Maxtone-Grahams to purchase this at a later date.

After much work cutting through enormous beams by hand , Robert and his builder opened up the centre of the building to create suitable spaces for individual stalls to be situated. A second staircase was also built.



(2024) The Malthouse remains as an antique centre.  2024 marks the antique centre's  50th year of trading, which is something to celebrate! 

The Malthouse: 01303 260103  

Malthouse HIll, Hythe, Kent CT21 5BW



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